Can you imagine selling where you…

  • Don’t need to push people into buying to get a sale?
  • Don’t have to go against the way you do business?
  • Don’t need to use “hard sell” sales techniques?
  • Don’t have to use sales styles and scripts that feel fake?
  • Don’t need to view selling as a dirty word?

The feminine selling technique helps you to:

  • Get sales without being pushy or manipulative
  • Develop sales skills that honour the way you do business
  • Develop sales skills that offer an effective alternative to the “hard sell”
  • Create a sales style that is right for you
  • Overcome the struggle and fear of ‘selling’

Are you ready for a simple five step-by-step approach to selling that will give you an alternative ethical sales technique that you can align with your own values, which will help you to overcome your struggle with selling and achieve more success selling your products and services?

Selling with Heart is the feminine way of selling that combines savvy sales skills with your intuition to help you be successful without sacrificing your values or ethics.

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I’ve just finished reading through Selling with Heart and I really really enjoyed it! I particularly liked the introductory background to you and what you have gone through as a sales woman. The language you have written in is so simple and easy to understand that I think you do a good job of ‘humanising’ the whole thing – it does not look so bad after all! And really, its just about being passionate, loving what you do and then applying methods that you highlight, methods that work.

It seems much more doable after that read. The content is so good I’ll be referring back to it to make sure I stay on track. The advice and action points contained within were priceless. Your authenticity really came through and I like that. You come across real, passionate and wanting to keep things simple for the success of others.

Sara Brown, UK